The city of Cantù is one of the main centers of Brianza and enjoys truly interesting surroundings.
A few minutes walk you can admire the Romanesque complex of the Basilica of Galliano and the adjacent Baptistery.
Basilica di Galliano
In 1007 Ariberto of Intimiano, the future and authoritative bishop of Milan, following the discovery of the bodies of three local saints Adeodato, Manfredo and Savino decided to carry out further work giving the church its current appearance. He was in fact responsible for the construction of the crypt, the raising of the presbytery and the frescoes of the entire central nave and the apsidal basin.
Outside it has a simple facade, made of pebbles and rough stones.
Inside there is the largest cycle of wall frescoes painted in the 11th century in the whole of northern Italy.
The other architectural jewel is represented by the baptistery of San Giovanni Battista, erected towards the end of the 11th century. It looks like an imposing and massive structure with a cruciform plan and also has a gallery, which can still be traveled today thanks to two stairs.
About 15 minutes you reach the provincial capital, which needs no comment. The image below portrays it from Brunate, another place worth visiting, reachable by funicular
Como visto da Brunate
The cathedral of Como


Teatro Sociale
teatro sociale
Don’t forget to visit Villa Olmo. Built in the eighteenth century, it is among the main symbols of the city of Como and is a prestigious venue for exhibitions, events and conferences.
Villa Olmo
Not just culture: Lake Como is world famous

Immagini cell Mari nov 2015 944

And its mountains (in the background the Grigna)


Finally, you cannot miss the local missoltini


The missultitt (singular missultin), in Italian missoltini, are a specialty of Lake Como that arises from the need for the conservation of fish which is particularly abundant in the spring season. These are the agoni. The word probably derives from how they are produced, that is, put in a container, once a vat, and kept under pressure until they lose their oil, after salting and drying them.

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