At the “Window on the Garden” you will stay in a lived and layered place.
Our B&B welcomes the guest in a charming villa from the 1950s designed by the architect Sala, known at the time in the canturino area. An internal staircase leads to the landing where the two bedrooms overlook the garden. They are large rooms that keep intact the marble grit floors in vogue in those years.
The furnishings are varied, warmed by old family pieces together with memories of our travels. There is an air of home and craftsmanship with objects that bring back to parents, the manual work of seamstress and carpenter.
Cantù is actually known for making furniture; the beautiful wood museum of the RIVA company opens our eyes to a world that inhabited the shops of the city, with machines and tools for processing many types of wood.
The passion of the grandmothers instead handed down the prestigious Cantù lace. A dance of bobbin and bobbin that remains alive with the Merletti Cooperative which, with the BIENNALE DEL MERLETTO (Lace Fair), displays hundreds of ancient pieces in various characteristic places.
Particular care is given to the small garden where, in the summer months, guests can enjoy the cool shade of a historic fig tree grown together with the house among blooms of bulbous, seasonal, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and evergreens. In this graceful setting, time seems to slow down in moments of relaxation and guests can enjoy a rich breakfast of homemade cakes and jams with fair trade products.